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Blogs for the year 2020

The answer to this question could be as simple as someone "trustworthy", "reliable", "knowledgeable" and "accountable". However, to my mind, the challenge lies in the execution of these rather simple qualities! It is of paramount significance that the above-mentioned characteristics should be present in an individual who is your advisor as well the organization he/she is part of. ... Read More

Vodafone was founded by Ernest Harrison & Gerry Whent in 1991 in the UK. Harrison started his career as an Accountant on a salary of mere £650. Later he went to the Chair of companies like Racal and Vodafone. Using the Acquisition route, Vodafone expanded globally into 65 countries in Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East with a multi billion dollar balance sheet and a global dream. In ... Read More

Elephants! Such majestic creatures, don’t you agree? They have been in the news and our imaginations for different reasons. As part of temple festival celebrations they evoke such awe in us. The story of the pregnant elephant who got fed pineapples laced with firecrackers wrung out our deepest empathy. This article is about the elephant but not the elephant you are imagining right now ... Read More